About me

Where do you get the best information about New York? Of the people who have already been there! People who are familiar with the city really know what to see and what to do. That’s the idea behind We Heart New York: the best New York tips written by a die-hard New York fan.

I have often heard people say “If you go to New York, you will fall in love. It works like a kind of addiction. ” At first glance that seemed like a big bullshit to me. Fall in love with a city? Addiction? No, just a cool trip to a city where you must have been once. That is how New York was on my list. High on the list, actually just at number 1. But I never had “the balls” to really go. Until October 2008.

was allowed to attend a conference in New York for my work. I jumped a hole in the sky! Finally I went to the city where I always wanted to go once. Full of excitement, I got on the plane (fear of flying) and 8 hours later I got out of the car, confused. If you step out of the arrival hall at JFK, you don’t see much of the famous skyline. In fact: where is the city? The first recognition point is the yellow taxi where you board. We were hurled across the highway with a rotten pace and the skyline slowly came into view. At that time I was finally sold and I understood what “the others” meant falling in love with a city.

Eventually I fell so in love that I had to return in 2011 and in 2012, and in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, You Get The Picture. If possible: as often as possible! Based on this enthusiasm / craziness, I made this site, full of tips about New York. Simply because I love to tell about the city and because I hope to make you enthusiastic with my stories and experiences.

I am Siegfried and in daily life I have my own company in which I advise on online marketing. Because I got so many questions about New York, I started this website. As a hobby for people who really want to go to New York and want to know what you can do there, what you really need to see or to just dream away with photos and stories. All stories on the site are written from personal experience. I thought that was fair, because how can you be enthusiastic about something that you have not yet done yourself? If you have any questions, please let me know: SIEGFRIED@WEHEARTNEWYORK.NL